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V8 Tools 808 1/4" Tubing Bender Plier

V8T-808 V8 Tools 808 1/4 Tubing Bender Plier
  • Part Number: V8T-808
  • Great for Brake and Fuel Line!
  • V8 tools 808 unique head design allows for sharper bends without collapsing the tubing or leaving a deep mark on the surface. When closed, the two handles are more than 3-1/4" apart and allow enough leverage to bend tough steel tubing easily. You may hold tubing firmly to align and adjust.

    The V8 tubing benders are among the Top 100 most requested tools by the readers of the Professional Tool and Equipment News for 2010. They are also a favorite among mechanics, fabricators, and custom car builders at every tool show V8 has participated.

  • Price:  $23.87
  • Weight:  0.50


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