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Viking Drill Weldout Spotweld Bit Double End 8mm

VIG-37670 Viking Drill Weldout Spotweld Bit Double End 8mm
  • Part Number: VIG-37670
  • This rugged high performance Viking drill bit is designed to effectively cut auto body panel spot welds. The high red hardness of cobalt steel permits speeds 30% greater than H.S.S. drills. Cobalt steel is substantially more abrasion resistant, resulting in very long wearing cutting edges. The spur point on the Type 186 is designed to cut through the weld on one panel while leaving the second panel free of holes. size 8mm, Twin end 3-5/8" long. Quantity 1 ea. Twin End will cut twice as many spotwelds with the added advantage of longer reach to drill the less accessible spotwelds.
  • Price:  $17.88
  • Weight:  0.10


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