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When you are in need of OTC tools than Tool Desk is the place for all of your OTC tool needs, they offer one of the largest selections of OTC tools. They have most of the electrical sensor tester equipment you will need when you are diagnosing what is wrong with a vehicle. This is what OTC tools are made for; they also carry the axle nuts that are made by OTC. You will also find the many different types of maintenance equipment that is designed by OTC all at reasonable prices. Tool Desk is one of the leading suppliers of the OTC brands of tools and testing equipment for all of your shop's needs.

When you need a large selection of OTC tools that are designed just for the testing of the electrical equipment of a vehicle than Tool Desk has just what you need. They carry the entire OTC electrical sensor testing equipment from the actual sensor device you will need to connect to the vehicle. They also carry all of the software you will need to install on your shop computer so you know what the sensor is reading. This is perfect for those times when you know something is wrong with a vehicle but you are just not sure what it is. The OTC electrical sensor will tell you exactly what is wrong so you can repair the vehicle sooner.

Tool Desk also carries the OTC tools line of axle nut sockets; they will provide you with the perfect axle nut for the job. When you are in need of a new axle nuts it can sometimes be difficult to find just the one you are looking for. That is where Tool Desk will be there to assist you. They carry one of the largest selections of OTC axle nut sockets available on the internet at their web site There you will find just the axle nut you have been looking for at a reasonable price.

Some of the other OTC tools that are carried by Tool Desk are their tire presser monitoring systems. They will provide you with a better way of knowing what you tires are doing and knowing the correct presser is a way to ensure the safety of you vehicle while you are driving. The tire pressure motoring systems can be useful for all of your shops tire needs when you are trying to decide if the tire is causing the problems with the vehicle you are working on. They can also assist your customers in knowing that you are taking their best interest ahead of anything else.

To find out more information on OTC tools please visit Tool Desk on the internet at There you will find OTC tools and many other tools available to improve your shop's performance and reputation for being the best. You can also call them toll free at 1-877-630-6963 and one of their trained customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in all of your shop tool needs.

Actron Scanner

An Actron scanner is used to read trouble codes on many newer vehicles. The scanner can also display the trouble codes, record them and play back the diagnostic data.

OTC Genisys

Automotive repair is serious business. This is because those perform it as their life's work know that they have to get things right. But like a physician, mechanics can't solve problems if they don't know what is wrong.

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