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ATD 2-In-1 S-Cam Brake Tool

ATD-5163 ATD 2-In-1 S-Cam Brake Tool
  • Part Number: ATD-5163
  • Features:

    2-in-1 S-Cam Brake Tool, offers technicians a more efficient method for changing brake shoes on an S-Cam drum brake assembly. The tool is comprised of a steel shaft with a U-shaped fork on one end to stretch the retaining spring so that both halves of the brake shoe are held together, which enables the user to hook up the pin. An S-shaped device on the opposite end enables the user to position the brake shoes in a way that allows leverage for installation of the rollers. The hooked end pulls the brake shoes apart so that the rollers can be installed faster and more safely.
  • Price:  $19.67
  • Weight:  1.00


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