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Hose Clamp Pliers by Astro Pneumatic

AST-9409A Hose Clamp Pliers by Astro Pneumatic
  • Part Number: AST-9409A
  • Part # 9409A Astro Pneumatic
    Hose Clamp Pliers

    • Allows for extra reach, removal and locking of clamps into open position
    • Allows for removal of plastic and/or metal self-tightening hose clamps with
    diameters of 11/16" - 2-1/2" (18mm-54mm)
    • Precision clamp on end of flexible cable allows for extended reach where other
    models cannot reach
    • Pliers can be locked, freeing up your hands and making your job easier and faster
    • Pliers have a lifetime warranty
    • Cable and spring are wearable items and must be replaced.

  • Price:  $36.67
  • Weight:  0.50


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