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ATD Air Operated High Pressure Grease Pump

ATD-5289 ATD Air Operated High Pressure Grease Pump
  • Part Number: ATD-5289
  • For 25-50 lb. Drums and Free Shipping!
  • High pressure grease pump features: 50:1 H.D. Double Acting air operated Pump, Steel Drum cover with screw downs, Control Valve (ATD-5218), 6' High Pressure Hose, Pump muffler, Lincoln style coupler, Rated NLG#2 Grease. Air Inlet 1/8" NPT female; Lube Outlet: 1/4" NPT female. Shipping weight 24 lbs. 2 Year Warranty. Fits older style 5 gal. grease buckets and new conical. Follower plate has rubber o-ring.
  • Price:  $649.00
  • Weight:  0.00


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