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ATD 10 ton Porto-Power Jack Set

  • Part Number: ATD-5810
  • The ATD 5810 Porto Power kit features convenient snap-fit tubing and displacement type pump. Set has large base feet at both ends for extra stability. Tubing is made of a special seamless steel with a smooother, harder surface. Comfortable, non-slip rubber handle and long wearing ram. Seals and caps are also a plus to this set. Will hasten common collision repair and also has many other industry, farm and home uses. Set contains: ram, 1000 lbs. capacity hydraulic spreader, hose, (5) extension tubes, 3-1/4" flex head, toe, plunger toe, serrated saddle, wedge head, 90 degree V-base, flat base, male adapter, female adapter, and storage case.

    Porto-Power Accessories:

    ATD-5825 - Flat Body Cylinder
    ATD-5812 - Hydraulic Foot Pump
    ATD-5802 - Pull Cylinder
  • Price:  $339.77
  • Weight:  85.00


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