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ATD 85827 11 Pc. Trim Panel Removal & Scraper Tool Set

  • Part Number: ATD-85827
  • Features:
    •Designed for safe removal of door panels, fascia and trim strips, window moldings, dashboard and interior panels & trim, etc.
    •Made of impact resistant plastic that will not mar surfaces like metal tools
    •Slim design for delicate work in tight areas
    •Custom canvas storage pouch keeps tool organized

    Set Includes:
    •(1) Wide Scraper Tool
    •(1) General Scraper Tool
    •(1) Flat Scraper Tool
    •(1) General Purpose Wide Edge Tool
    •(1) Thin & Flat Tool
    •(1) General Purpose Wedge Tool
    •(1) General Purpose Pry Tool
    •(1) Thin with Pry Tip Tool
    •(1) Pry Tool
    •(1) Concentrated Scraper Tool
    •(1) Curved Scraper Tool
    •(1) Tube Scraper Tool
    •(1) Angle Scraper Tool
    •(1) Emblem Remover
    •(1) Rounded Corner Scraper Tool
    •(1) Box Corner Scraper Tool
    •(1) Sharp Corner Scraper Tool
    •(1) Angled Push/Pull Scraper
    •(1) Flat Push/Pull Scraper
    •(1) Panel Clip Removal Tool
    •(1) Large Grommet Pry Tool
    •(1) Small Grommet Pry Tool
    •(1) Flat Grommet Remover
    •(1) Flat Grommet Pry Tool
    •(1) Flat Sealant Application Spade
    •(1) Interior Button Removal Tool
    •(1) Wire Insertion Tool

  • Price:  $38.67
  • Weight:  3.00


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