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Cal Van Tools 550 300 CCA Boost Jump Starter

  • Part Number: CAL-550
    Includes 12V emergency start, LED flashlight and USB port for device use and charging
    Three (3) lighting modes: Standard, Strobe, SOS
    Multiple built in safety features
    Features a durable Carrying Case, Universal USB Charging Adapter, Jumper Cables, DC Charger and an Ultra-bright LED Flashlight
    Includes patented technology
    300 Cold Cranking Amps
    Uses 12000mAh high capacity, high power, battery, that is fast charging and has low self-discharge, cycles can reach 1000 times.
    Dimensions: 6? L x 3? H x 1.25? W
    Weight: 1.90 lbs
  • Price:  $74.67
  • Weight:  3.00


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