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FLUKE TL224 63" Right Angle/Straight Silicone Test Leads

FLU-TL224 FLUKE TL224 63 Right Angle/Straight Silicone Test Leads
  • Part Number: FLU-TL224
  • 385 internal strands for flexibility prevent kinks and bends in test leads; superior strain relief is also provided. Silicone-insulated test leads have superior flexibility and cold/heat resistance from -80 degrees C to +150 degrees C (-112 degrees F to +302 degrees F). Won't crack from cold, or melt from accidental contact with soldering iron. Good chemical and tear resistance. Safety-designed with double insulation for added protection. All metal on banana plugs is capped and shrouded to prevent accidental contact. Extra-long length of 63" (1.6m). 1000V per IEC 1010, Overvoltage Category III (Heavy Industrial Rating), 10A rating. UL 1244 Listed. Compatible with all meters accepting safety-shrouded, standard-sized banana plugs. One red, one black, 63" ( 1.6 m). Best suited for test clips with plunger-style jaws. Shrouded, straight connector on one end. Visit
  • Price:  $31.88
  • Weight:  1.00


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