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Knipex 8603250SBA 10" Pliers Wrench

KNP-8603250SBA Knipex 8603250SBA 10 Pliers Wrench
  • Part Number: KNP-8603250SBA
  • Replaces a full set of inch and metric open end wrenches!
  • Excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending
    Unique ratcheting action for extremely fast turns of nuts and bolts without having to reset the tool
    Parallel jaws evenly distribute force to the workpiece for a secure grip that is 10x your strength
    Parallel, smooth jaws will not damage of mar the surface of the workpiece
    Push-button adjustment with 17 positions
    Carded for easy display
  • Price:  $58.77
  • Weight:  0.10


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