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Lang 7-Pc. Retractable Test Lead Set

LNG-1176 Lang 7-Pc. Retractable Test Lead Set
  • Part Number: LNG-1176
  • Included adapters work interchangeably with banana plugs on the 2 x 15-ft. retractable test leads
    Used for testing electrical circuits in cars, trailers, boats, etc.
    15-ft. wire allows you to connect the leads under the hood and test from the driver’s seat
    Use with any multimeter, or other device, equipped with standard banana jack connectors
    Retractable test leads pull out and stay at desired length
    Rewind test leads when not in use
    Different color wires for easy identification

    One 2 x 15-ft. test lead with banana plugs (1175)
    One pair of test probes (1170)
    One pair of alligator clips (1167)
    One pair of spring hooks (1173)

    Maximum Voltage: 30VDC, Maximum Amperage: 10 AMPS unwound, 6 AMPS wound
  • Price:  $49.67
  • Weight:  1.00


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