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Mastercool Commander 4000 R1234yf Hybrid A/C Machine

MST-COMMANDER4000 Mastercool Commander 4000 R1234yf Hybrid A/C Machine
  • Part Number: MST-COMMANDER4000
  • With Identifier. Please call for price and availability.
  • Mastercool Commander 4000

    •8” Color Command Center with Touch Screen
    •6 CFM Vacuum Pump
    •Automatic and Manual Procedures
    •Refrigerant Identifier
    •Refrigerant Database
    •On-board Instruction Manual
    •Automatic Vacuum Leak Test: Programmable
    •Multiple Languages
    •Auto Oil Discharge
    •On-board Unit Conversion Calculator
    •Auto and Manual Air Purge
    •New Cabinet Design for Increased Air Flow
    •Auto Filter and Full Tank Alarm
    •Large Analog Gauges
    •Low Refrigerant Alarm
    •Hard Wired Power Cord
    •Wi-Fi Capable
    •Hose Coupler Storage
    •Thermal Printer
    •Solid Durable Wheels with Locking Casters
    •Hose Flushing
    •Multi-colored LED Status Bar
    •Vehicle A/C System Flushing
    •Self-Diagnostic Check
    •Cylinder Heater

    •Type of Refrigerant: R1234yf
    •Service Procedure: Fully automatic or manual
    •Voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz
    •Scale Resolution: .02 lb (10 g)
    •Oil Scale Resolution: .01 lb (5 g)
    •Working Temperature Range: 50/120°F (10/49°C)
    •Filter System: 1 filter for cleaning and water removal
    •Vacuum Pump: 6 CFM (142 liter/min)
    •Compressor: Hermetically sealed, 12cc, high pressure
    •Recovery Speed: 95% at 70 to 75°F (21 to 24°C) <30 minutes
    •Recovery Cylinder: 30 lb (12.5 liters), refillable
    •Charge Accuracy: ±0.5 oz. at 70 to 75°F (±15 g at 21 to 24°C)
    •Hoses: 96” (250 cm)
    •Couplers: R1234yf Manual
    •Thermal Printer: Standard Equipment
    •Pressure Gauges: Class 1
    •Cylinder Temperature Sensor: Integrated
    •Cylinder Heater: Standard Equipment
    •Shipping Dimensions: 38" (l) x 32" (w) x 53" (h)
    •Shipping Weight: 233 lbs

  • Price:  $0.00
  • Weight:  233.00


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