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Mityvac MV7400 Fluid Evacuator/Brake System Bleeder

MTY-MV7400 Mityvac MV7400 Fluid Evacuator/Brake System Bleeder
  • Part Number: MTY-MV7400
  • 7.3 Ltr. Capacity
  • The Mityvac Fluid Evacuator bleeder can be used to extract a wide-range of fluid types including:
    - Engine oil from crankcases
    - Brake fluid from master cylinders
    - Gear oil from transmission cases
    - Coolant from cooling systems
    - Power steering fluid from pump reservoirs
    The Fluid Evacuator features a large 7.3 (1.9 gal.) capacity reservoir, is made of polyethylene, is impervious to automotive and household chemicals, and will not rust or corrode. The automatic flow control prevents overfilling and the pressure relief valve is an added safety feature. The Fluid Evacuator is great for any project where a large volume of fluid needs to be extracted. For example: draining fish tanks, pumping water from boats and emptying water beds. Use with p/n 7205 Brake Bleeding Acc. Kit. MTY-7205

  • Price:  $68.57
  • Weight:  8.00


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