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Mityvac MV6830 Vacuum Brake Fluid Bleeder Evacuator

MTY-MV6830 Mityvac MV6830 Vacuum Brake Fluid Bleeder Evacuator
  • Part Number: MTY-MV6830
  • The Mityvac MV6830 Vacuum Brake Bleeder Evacuator was developed for the automotive service professional. This portable unit operates on compressed air, and includes accessories for vacuum bleeding automotive hydraulic systems. It also functions well for evacuating fluids from small tanks and reservoirs.

    The MV6830's compact, 1.9-quart (1.8 liter) reservoir allows the operator to perform multiple bleeding jobs without emptying, thereby reducing downtime. The unit bleeds at a rate of up to two quarts (1.9 liters) per minute for increased productivity and features a variable thumb throttle to maintain desired flow rate. The MV6830 has a swivel air inlet to prevent kinks in the air hose during movement and a hook that allows the unit to be hung out of the way during use.

    The reservoir and lid feature large, coarse threads to reduce cross threading, and the bench-mountable, molded base keeps the unit secure while removing or replacing the lid. The MV6830 has an automatic shutoff valve to prevent overfilling and a convenient quick-disconnect coupler for fast accessory changes.


  • Price:  $139.95
  • Weight:  4.00


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