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Compressed Air - Dust Removal Pressurized Refillable Kit is Portable

RHO-Compressed Air Compressed Air - Dust Removal Pressurized Refillable Kit is Portable
  • Part Number: RHO-Compressed Air
  • Inflate with air, Clean Keyboards, Computers, Office Machines, etc.
  • Make overpriced compressed air cans the thing of the past with this complete refillable air kit. Holds up to 125psi. 2 Dessicant air dryers included with order. Tank can be refilled at any gas station offering air service or fill with any home or business shop air. Fill time: 1-2 minutes with shop compressor. With the tank filled to 100psi you can get (3) one second bursts of forced air per 5 psi. Gauge is easy to read. These portable air tanks are the answer when you need up to 125 psi compressed air in remote locations or small jobs. Great for Computer and Keyboard Cleaning. An excellent reserve air source for cleaning and inflating. An air line shut-off valve with pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and 4 ft. air hose with air chuck are included.

    Assembly Required. Parts list in sequence from the tank to the gun

    Use teflon tape on all threads WMR-W974(1/2" x 260" Teflon Tape included). Good snug fit should eliminate leakage. No need to overtighten. Tank has shut off valve making easy removal of entire hose assembly or blow gun that can also be easily interchanged with tire inflator. Install in the following order;

    RHO-9895 5 gal. air tank
    Milton 727BK M style male plug 1/4"
    Milton 715BK M style coupler 1/4"
    ATD-7820 Dessicant Dryer
    ATD-8215 Air hose coil 12ft.

    NPT Swivel fitting Male x Male 1/4". Abrasion resistant nylon designed to withstand temperatures between -60º to +200º F. Equipped with durable brass compression swivel fittings to ensure tangle free operation. Comes with spring guards for additional strain relief and 360º swivel fittings.
    Milton 715BK M style coupler 1/4"
    Milton 727BK M style male plug 1/4"
    Vacula 72-020-1050 Blow Gun

  • Price:  $107.95
  • Weight:  15.00


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