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Steck AI 21896 Aluminum Door Skin Zipper 2

STK-21896 Steck AI 21896 Aluminum Door Skin Zipper 2
  • Part Number: STK-21896
  • Skin an aluminum door in approximately 15 minutes!
  • The AI Skin Zipper2 allows you to reach tighter areas than the original AI Skin Zipper, perfect for aluminum door window flange openings.

    The AI Skin Zipper2 can now skin the window opening, which could not be done in the past. Its self-lubricating reinforced nylon head will crimp regular or adhesive bonded skins. The AI Skin Zipper2 hems or crimps the door skin to the door shell at the window opening, in an easy two-step process.

  • Price:  $27.67
  • Weight:  0.50


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