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Steck 21960 SPR Self Piercing Rivet Instertion Tool

STK-21960 Steck 21960 SPR Self Piercing Rivet Instertion Tool
  • Part Number: STK-21960
  • No need for expensive hydraulic tools to remove and insert self-piercing rivets!
  • Steck’s new SPR Insertion Tool is a high-grade, hardened steel frame, that uses a 1/2” 20 grade 8 hex bolt, with a magnetic end and center recess to hold the replacement SPR, while inserting it with your 3/4” or 19mm socket using your 1/2” impact wrench.

    1) Technician locates a spot on the flange area, next to the SPR you just removed (after you have replaced the door skin or quarter panel.

    2) Insert the new SPR on the magnetic end of the bolt, hand tighten to the flange area keeping the body of the tool against the door flange.

    3) Install your 3/4” or 19mm socket to your 1/2” impact wrench and engage.

    4) Within 3-5 seconds you will see the old SPR come out from the bottom.

    5) Install rope hem on door skin using the AI Skin Zipper (PN 21892) and the window flange with the AI Skin Zipper 2 (PN 21896) or other tools according to manufacturers instructions.

  • Price:  $97.87
  • Weight:  0.50


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