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Tracerline EZ Ject Uiversal A/C Dye Injection Kit

TPD-TP9841CS Tracerline EZ Ject Uiversal A/C Dye Injection Kit
  • Part Number: TPD-TP9841CS
  • The revolutionary new way to add Fluoro-Lite fluorescent dyes into vehicle air conditioning and refrigeration systems — without the use of additional refrigerant. Just one connection, then turn the handle to inject the dye — no complicated hookups! Ideal for preventative and programmed maintenance. The dye remains safely in the system for future inspections, too.

    Cost effective — Each disposable EZ-Ject dye cartridge treats up to 14 vehicle A/C systems.
    No pouring, no measuring, no mess, no spills — Prefilled EZ-Ject cartridges are clearly labled and calibrated so you'll introduce exactly the right amount of dye every time! When the cartridge is empty,just throw it away. A new one connects in seconds and is ready to go.
    OEM approved — EZ-Ject cartridges contain Fluoro-Lite fluorescent dyes, which are OEM approved by major vehicle, compressor, lubricant and refrigerant manufacturers.
    Meet SAE standards — Fluoro-Lite dyes for R-134a systems are certified to meet or exceed SAE standard J2297.
    Safe — Fluoro-Lite dyes are used in over 25 million A/C systems worldwide, so you're assured of trouble-free operation.
    Check valve prevents the backflow of dye or refrigerant and allows for easy storage of the hose/cartridge between jobs. It also prevents dye leakage or contamination.

    1 – EZ-Ject™ assembly – plunger handle and fitting (TP-9845)
    1 – 8" hose assembly, 1/4" flare check valve & R-134a coupler, low-side (120687)
    1 – R-12 adapter/purge fitting (107472)
    1 – universal A/C dye cartridge (TP-9870)Services up to 14 vehicles
  • Price:  $47.67
  • Weight:  1.00


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