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Wireless ChassisEar by Steelman - Chassis Ear 60635 Steelman

  • Part Number: JSP-60635
  • Electronic Auto squeak and rattle noise finder. Free Shipping!
  • Wireless Channel Receiver isolates up to 4 different transmitter locations.
    LED light indicate the strength of signal of the active channel.
    Illuminated button indicates active channel at a glance.
    Adjustable volume control, On/Off switch.
    Listen to noises with the built-in speaker or connect through jack using earphone set.
    Includes: 6AA Batteries, 16 AAA Batteries, Molded Case, Location Identifier Note Pad Instruction Manual and Organizer Pouch and earphones
    Automotive noise squeak detection Steelman 97202
  • Price:  $333.95
  • Weight:  5.00


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