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Steelman 06600 Chassis Ear - ChassisEar

  • Part Number: STL-06600
  • Quickly pinpoints problems under Chassis, Fuel Injectors, Bearings, Gears & Suspension, Transmission, Differentiat/C.V. Joint
  • Listen to 6 under chassis locations in one road test with electronic ears set by Steelman

    Hear noises that cannot be duplicated without road testing vehicle

    Essential for saving needless warranty expense

    Save time and labor expense finding those hard to find noises

    This electronic diagnostic system will conquer the most frustrating and costly problems, finding problem sounds while driving the vehicle.

    Comes with ABS carrying/storage case

    An essential tool for all auto mechanics/bodyshops and new car dealers

    Wireless Ear set
  • Price:  $89.67
  • Weight:  5.00


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