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MasterCool 90065 Air Conditioning 5cfm Vacuum Pump

MST-90065 MasterCool 90065 Air Conditioning 5cfm Vacuum Pump
  • Part Number: MST-90065
  • 5 CFM, 2-Stage
    25 Microns Ultimate Vacuum
    1/3 HP
    1725 RPM
    110V / 60 Hz


    Internal check valve stops oil blowout in case of
    accidental power loss.
    Manifold valve isolates pump from the system
    when testing for leaks, Includes three inlet ports -
    1/4", 3/8", SAE and 1/2" ACME.
    Gas ballast valve helps prevent oil contamination
    caused by high moisture.
    Center oil fill port is accessible from front as well
    as sides.
    Durable light weight die cast aluminum housing.
    Delrin vanes provide quieter, longer lasting
    Two-stage design allows lower pumping pressure
    resulting in deeper ultimate vacuum
    Oil drain valve positioned at bottom of oil
    reservoir assures maximum drainage.
    Made in USA
  • Price:  $349.00
  • Weight:  32.00


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