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Mityvac MVA6852 1.5-Liter Fluid Extractor/ Dispenser

  • Part Number: MTY-MVA6852
  • Mityvac’s versatile MVA6852 is suitable for a variety of fluid exchange applications in vehicle service, general industry and marine uses.

    The syringe-action tool features a large, 1.5-liter fluid reservoir, twist-valve and dual-seal piston. The MVA6852 is simple to use and will not leak. It also is serviceable and easy to disassemble. In addition to the MVA6852 extractor/dispenser, a complimentary MVA7218 rubber ATF adapter connector is included in the packaging. This adapter enables the MVA6852 to be connected to MVA5800 ATF refill kit adapters.

    • Simple to use
    • Sturdy, polymer-based construction for long life
    • Twist-valve on hose end eliminates fluid leaks
    • Double-seal design prevents leaks at the piston
    • Integrated stand to prevent rolling
    • Clear, 16-inch hose enables operator to see fluid
    • Graduated cylinder
    • Rubber grip
    • Easy disassembly and cleaning

    • 1.5-Liter capacity fluid extractor/dispenser
    • Rubber adapter connector for use with Mityvac ATF refill adapters

  • Price:  $52.67
  • Weight:  4.00


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