Robinair A/C Service Centers 34788 Vs. 34988

Robinair 34788 vs. Robinair 34988

When it comes to air conditioning service machines Robinair is at the top for these machines.  When it comes down to choosing which machine is right for your application you will have several different factors to include.  Some of these factors include options, cost, and dependability.

Every Robinair A/C service machine is made to the highest quality.  They include a vast array of options and are relatively cheap for the options included on them.

This article will help discuss the differences between the Robinair 34788 and the Robinair 34988 .  It will discuss some of the features that each machine has and hopefully help you to decide which machine will work best for your situation.


Robinair 34788

The 34788 has a lot of features that make it work extremely well for most technicians.  The 34788 is one of the best A/C service centers out there.  It is extremely easy to use.  It has an automatic air purge, automatic oil drain, and an automatic refrigerant refill.  The 34788 is easy to use it allows you to simply turn the machine on and set it up and walk away.  You can be off doing other work while the machine does all of the work.  The 34788 is cheaper than the 34988 and if you do not need the extra features of the 34988 will work well for your shop.


Robinair 34988
The 34988 is the newest A/C service center that Robinair has.  It has all of the latest and greatest features.  It has every single feature that the 34788 has but some extra features that help ease the operation.  The 34988 has an automatic dye injector.  The automatic dye injector will automatically inject dye into the A/C system allowing the technician to be off doing something else, and come back and then use the injected dye to check for leaks.  Another new feature that the 34988 has is that it has an automatic oil level and will allow you to automatically adjust a certain amount of oil into the A/C system.  One of the most drastic new features that the 34988 has is that it allows the technician to print before and after service information.  It just adds more information for the customer to have available to them.  All in all the 34988 is the newest Robinair unit and has the most features and if you can afford it then it will fulfill all of the jobs your shop throws at it.

Written by: Cody Mammenga an NDSCS Student


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