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Basic Electronics and Tools

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

ATD-5513bElectrical Tools

When it comes to working on vehicles something with the electrical system is bound to fail.  Having the proper electrical tools is vital to fixing the problem.

There are several different areas to discuss when it comes to electrical tools that would be used on vehicles.  We will discuss some of the basic tools needed to properly work on your vehicles electronics.  We will also try to discuss how to perform some basic electrical tests.


Tire Rotation, The Correct Way

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

tiresTire rotation the correct way!

Many people who drive their vehicles on the road today do not know about rotating their tires.  There are some people who may know that you need your tires rotated, but they do not know how so they take their vehicle to a shop and have them do it for a fee.  This fee is money that could be kept in your pocket.  Even for you avid backyard mechanics this can perhaps be a little refresher on the correct way to rotate your tires.  Tire rotation can be accomplished by the average person in my opinion.  I will discuss the steps on how to properly rotate your tires.


Easy Ways to Handle Road Trouble. How to change a spare tire and jump start your vehicle

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

flat_tireEasy Ways to Handle Road Trouble Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck?  Have you ever been waiting on the side of the road for someone to stop and help?  Have you ever had your car not start when leaving work? I am sure most people have at one point in their life ran into these problems.  These are all problems that with a couple simple reminders and several things that everyone should include in their vehicle can be fixed. The common problem of having a flat tire or having a dead battery when you go to start your car is common.  For the average person maybe you do not know what to do if you are stuck in this situation.  Well here are the step by step instructions on how to remove your flat and install your spare, and how to jump start a vehicle.  We will start out by discussing the removal and installation of a new tire, and then we will discuss how to jumpstart your vehicle the correct way. (more…)