btc-wrt400lgJust released the BRAND NEW Bartec Wheelrite WRT400P.テつ This is the newest TPMS tool introduced by Bartec on the market.テつ It has so many features that have made it superior to the previous models offered by Bartec.テつ The new WRT400P is very simple to use.テつ We will discuss some of the new features that this product contains and how Bartec made the unit very easy to use.

The WRT400P does everything that the Tech 300 and Tech 300 Plus did and more.

One of the main features of the Tech 400 Plus is that it has the ability to install new TPMS sensors into the vehicle and have the computer relearn this sensor thus shutting off the check engine light.テつ The Tech 400 Plus can do this through the use of engine management software or through the OBD II connector.テつ This is a huge step up on the competition.

Another key feature of the Tech 400 Plus is that it decodes the TPMS data to insure that you are reading the correct data and not reading some other RF signal.テつ This helps the technician to insure they are fixing the problem.テつ Along with this the Tech 400 Plus allows the operator to transfer the data from the tool onto a PC to save or print for records or for the customer.テつ

The Tech 400 Plus also allows the operator to view the correct part number for the sensor, service information, and much more information to help them correctly replace the faulty TPMS.テつ Then upon replacement the Tech 400 Plus can determine if the sensor is the correct sensor for that application so it will prevent mistakes and comebacks.


  • Bartec large, easy to read display
  • Make-Model-Year look-up
  • Downloads TPMS data directly to the vehicle
  • Uploads and can clear diagnostics, and inform the operator if he will require the spare
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Decodes and displays sensor data including: Sensor ID, PSI, Battery State, Temperature
  • Software designed to sensor specifications
  • Displays the replacement part number
  • Audit Mode – easily download TPMS sensor data to a PC or laptop for printing
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Most complete sensor coverage
  • Upgradeable via USB port
  • Sold as a complete kit

Not only is the Bartec Tech 400 Plus sold with a vast majority of information about the vehicles on the market today, but it can easily be updated every year to get the latest and most up to date information about servicing TPMS on brand new vehicles.

For more information on servicing TPMS check out this article, How TPMS works.

For all of your TPMS tools check out TPMS at

Written by: Cody Mammenga an NDSCS Student

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