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Precision 3/8" Dr. Flex 20-100 ft.-lbs. Micrometer Adj. Torque Wrench

PRE-M2FR100F Precision 3/8 Dr. Flex 20-100 ft.-lbs. Micrometer Adj. Torque Wrench
  • Part Number: PRE-M2FR100F
  • Extended Calibration Life Of Up To 60,000 Cycles!
  • Engineered, precision bearing surfaces extend the calibrated life of the M line to as many as 60,000 cycles or more and ensure the most reliable performance possible. In addition to flawless operation at release, calibration is completely external, unlike traditional mechanism that require disassembly and the replacement of blocks and shims.


    Virtually friction free clicks every cycle.

    All-American Steel construction ensures highest quality and durability.

    Accuracy 3% clockwise and counterclockwise directions.


    Measures 20-100 ft.-lbs.

    Precision Instruments M2FR100F

    Ships with case
  • Price:  $147.97
  • Weight:  5.00


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