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Replacing Valve Guide Seals

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

gChanging valve guide seals in the vehicle.

A common problem among vehicles especially older vehicles is leaking valve guide seals.  They are a cheap item but the labor rate a shop can charge may make it very expensive.  The task of changing your valve guide seals is actually fairly straight forward and can be accomplished in a weekend with a couple special tools.

A valve seal is a simple seal.  There are several different kinds of valve seals depending on the time in which your vehicle was manufactured.  The most effective kind of valve seal is the positive style seal, this fits over the valve guide itself and is stationary.  The next seal is the umbrella style seal, this seal rides with the valve stem and prevents oil from going down the guide.  The last style of valve seal is the o-ring.  This was extremely common on older style engines and was the least effective of any of the seals.  You don’t have to worry if you have o-ring style seals they were still effective at sealing the guide, it is just over time they become brittle due to heating and cooling.



How to Replace an Automotive Alternator

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Products_Alternator2Replacing your alternator

If your battery on your vehicle is constantly going dead forcing you to have to jump start your vehicle, it is likely that you have an alternator that is not working correctly.

The alternator on your vehicle provides voltage to your vehicle.  This voltage is created and used by your vehicle and the accessories in your vehicle.  The alternator produces more voltage than your vehicle needs and the excess voltage is then stored in your vehicles battery.  The battery will provide a supply of voltage to start the vehicle.  If your alternator is not putting out as much voltage as it should be then it will not have any excess to charge your battery, thus causing you to have a dead battery when you go to start your vehicle.

I suggest that you review this Basic Electronics article before you go ahead and replace your alternator.  A simple test that you can do is to test the voltage at your battery with your vehicle running.  You should have something greater than 13.5 DC Volts, this shows that your alternator is providing enough voltage to charge the battery.

Once you have determined that you need to replace your alternator then you can move onto the next procedure that we will discuss.


How to replace my fuel pump? Replacing your fuel pump safely!

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Walbro_255LPH_Fuel_PumpWhen it comes to getting fuel to your engine it is the fuel pumps job to maintain a constant flow of fuel from your tank through the fuel lines into the engine. A common problem with fuel pumps is that they wear out over time and simply fail.  Replacing a worn out fuel pump is not that difficult of a task, but it can be extremely dangerous.  If you think about it you have a tank full of fuel and lines containing pressurized fuel.  This is why it is important that you follow these steps to help you accomplish the task of replacing your fuel pump safely. (more…)

How should I service my car battery?

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

battery Battery Service When it comes to your vehicle the battery is one of the most important items.  It not only starts your vehicle but without it the vehicle will not run. Overtime batteries release chemicals and the terminals corrode and can cause a poor connection resulting in a vehicle that will not start or resembles a vehicle with a poor battery.  It is simple to clean the posts on a battery.  I will describe how to properly clean the posts and maintain your battery to insure that it has the longest life possible.   (more…)

Replacing your fuel filter

Friday, December 18th, 2009

fuel filterHow do I change my fuel filter in my car?

Changing the fuel filter in your vehicle can be easy, if you know what you are doing.  This article will help you understand the correct process on how to properly install your new fuel filter in your vehicle.  Make sure to follow ALL of the instructions, if you do not you may accidentally cause pressurized fuel to shoot everywhere causing an EXTREMELY dangerous situation.  You do not want this to happen, so I have written this article to help you to accomplish this relatively simple task safely.

Now that we have discussed exactly why you should follow all of the instructions due to the safety of yourself, we will now go into the process of changing your fuel filter.  I will try to make changing your fuel filter simple with this article, since it seems they always like to go in the winter.  Hopefully this article will help you speed up the removal and installation of a new fuel filter.


Tire Rotation, The Correct Way

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

tiresTire rotation the correct way!

Many people who drive their vehicles on the road today do not know about rotating their tires.  There are some people who may know that you need your tires rotated, but they do not know how so they take their vehicle to a shop and have them do it for a fee.  This fee is money that could be kept in your pocket.  Even for you avid backyard mechanics this can perhaps be a little refresher on the correct way to rotate your tires.  Tire rotation can be accomplished by the average person in my opinion.  I will discuss the steps on how to properly rotate your tires.


Easy Ways to Handle Road Trouble. How to change a spare tire and jump start your vehicle

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

flat_tireEasy Ways to Handle Road Trouble Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck?  Have you ever been waiting on the side of the road for someone to stop and help?  Have you ever had your car not start when leaving work? I am sure most people have at one point in their life ran into these problems.  These are all problems that with a couple simple reminders and several things that everyone should include in their vehicle can be fixed. The common problem of having a flat tire or having a dead battery when you go to start your car is common.  For the average person maybe you do not know what to do if you are stuck in this situation.  Well here are the step by step instructions on how to remove your flat and install your spare, and how to jump start a vehicle.  We will start out by discussing the removal and installation of a new tire, and then we will discuss how to jumpstart your vehicle the correct way. (more…)