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How to use a battery load tester

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

How to test your battery, alternator, and starter all in a few simple steps ASO-6034 Associated Carbon Pile Load Tester 500 Amp

This article will discuss another way to test your starter when compared to the previous article, and it will also show you a simple way to test your battery and alternator accurately.  This procedure is extremely simple and you will only need a few special tools.  This procedure will help make sure that you correctly diagnose your vehicle.


How should I service my car battery?

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

battery Battery Service When it comes to your vehicle the battery is one of the most important items.  It not only starts your vehicle but without it the vehicle will not run. Overtime batteries release chemicals and the terminals corrode and can cause a poor connection resulting in a vehicle that will not start or resembles a vehicle with a poor battery.  It is simple to clean the posts on a battery.  I will describe how to properly clean the posts and maintain your battery to insure that it has the longest life possible.   (more…)