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Raytek MT6 ... Infrared Temperature Measurement.
Raytek MT2, MT4, ST20, ST30, ST60, ST80 infrared thermometers also available online.

Whether you choose the Raytek MT6 or the Raytek ST20 infrared thermometer, gathering temperature data has never been easier. Simply point, shoot and read.

When the basics aren't enough, choose, the Raytek Raynger MT6 for your most demanding applications. Advanced infrared technology teamed with powerful optics, make the Raytek infrared thermometer the professional's choice for non-contact temperature measurement.

Innovative features like laser sighting, and a wide temperature range, make any temperature measurement application a snap.

Order your raytek non contact infrared thermometer online today. Orders shipped within 24 hours.

Raytek MT6 Infrared Thermometer



Temperature Range: -30 to 500°C
(-20 to 932°F)
D:S (Distance to Spot size): 10:1
Typical Distance to target Up to 2m (6ft)
Emissivity: Pre-set to 0.95
Accuracy: ±1.5%
Response Time: 500 mSec
Laser Sighting: Yes
Holster Included
Simply aim, pull the trigger, and read the temperature on the large bright display.
raytek infrared thermometer

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  • Auto Mechanics ...
  • Troubleshoot engines, including ignition system problems and fuel/air adjustments. Diagnose cooling systems, including thermostats and coolant sensors; radiators; catalytic converters; brakes, and tires. Perform climate control maintenance with precision.
  • HVAC ...
  • Balance room temperatures, monitor supply/return registers, and test duct work; examine steam traps and check furnace performance; perform energy audits.
  • Food Safety ...
  • Perform HACCP temperature measurements at receiving. Check cold and hot cooking, holding, and serving temperatures, and ensure safe and uniform storage and transportation temperatures. Maintain freezers, walk-ins, ovens, ranges, and dishwashers. Food inspectors can quickly confirm application temperatures.
  • Industrial/Electrical ...
  • Detect and troubleshoot facility electrical and process maintenance problems... before they happen, including vehicle and fleet maintenance. Check electrical panels for hot spots, find defective transformers, and detect loose electrical connections.

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